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TITLE: Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


QUALIFICATIONS:  To work as a deaf educator in Colorado, teachers must hold a CDE license for Special Education Specialist: Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  This currently requires a M.A. degree in Deaf Education.  Must also be proficient in ASL.


JOB GOAL: To ensure that deaf and hard-of-hearing students, like all students, have programs in which they have direct and appropriate access to all components of the education program.




  1. Collaborate and work with educational team in assessing deaf/hard of hearing students, and in incorporating the results into the IEP
  2. Ensure the inclusion of deaf/hard of hearing students in their IEP program placement, and adapt, implement, monitor, and provide feedback re: educational programs
  3. Maintain records and coordinate required services for deaf/hard of hearing students
  4. Collaborate & consult with students’ educational teams
  5. Supervise, evaluate and support Education Interpreters




  1. Follow school and district guidelines and policies for professional behavior and conduct
  2. Develop and keep current on knowledge of field to maintain high professional standards



LENGTH OF WORK YEAR:  181 days; Follows the school calendar.



SALARY: Based on years of experience and licensure/certification.



SUPERVISIOR:  Supervised by the Executive Director and or the Director of Exceptional Education.